Pubs Shut = Our Brewery Bar Shut

There it is, the news that should have happened last week, Pubs have been told to shut after this evening.


What this means to us:

Cask beer sales to pubs has slowly been dropping off, we have been trying to move our supply method towards Bag in Boxes of beer, you can read more about our Measures for Social Distancing but still enjoying good beer.

Our aim at this time is to try our best to support the Pubs and Bars that have supported us by supplying Take-out sizes of Boxes of beer to them so they can pass on to you  for drinking at home. This allows the Pubs to operate like Bottle-shops and we all manage to take a little slice of the pie and *Fingers Crossed* all ride out this Virus-Storm!

This also means we cannot open the brewery bar and allow people to drink beer in our premises.

Further Plans for keeping drinking the beer you / we love so much:

We can operate just like a Bottle shop! And we hinted how this might work in a blog post earlier this week.

  • We can open the brewery for beer collections.
  • We will reduce the amount of time we open to ensure we respect customer’s social distancing.
  • There won’t be anywhere to sit, we can’t let you stay.
  • There will not be any food traders.
  • Our Staff will be Rude to you to encourage you to leave…. Hang on, we do that anyway and you are used to it! 😉
  • You can bring your Growlers, Pop Bottles etc to be filled, please ensure they are sparkling clean.
  • We can give your containers a quick Sanitise before filling.
  • You may wish to buy our Boxed beers via your local pub, so if you can support your local Independent Bar please do that, they can buy the exact same beer from us and you don’t have to travel as far to get it.
  • That said, we appreciate your custom, you can come and collect a Bag-in-Box of beer or order some to collect the following week.
  • We can take payment in a number of ways, if you email us we can send you a Paypal link and there’s literally no contact with anyone, you can pay with Cash or Card on Contactless (up-to £30).

We will post on all socials as soon as we have figured out the details, we may just run 8x Keg Taps.

We will do everything we can to keep bringing you beer, supporting the pubs that have supported us for the last 5 years, and to stay in business.

We’re not sure how things will turn out but we are planning for the best, there will be an end and normal times will be here again, thanks & hugs – The Team @ Wishbone

If you have the spare cash, please support all those local indie businesses.